You may recall that myself and PyLady friend Carole organized a beginner cohort to go through Coursera classes on Python in late 2014. We didn’t stop there! Our other organizers, Dana, Moni, and later Michelle joined in and we renamed our meetups to “Cooking Code for Breakfast”.

We continued our cohort into the spring/summer, but without a specific class. Ladies just came to work and to share, and just hang out. I am really proud of all the ladies in our group, we are amazing! I got to spend Galentine’s day with them! I made a digital PyLadies Galentine using Python in CodeSkulptor and the skills I learned in the interactive gaming class. Here’s a link to the code on CodeSkulptor and to my project post about the Galentine.

I was also super excited to spend the Pi Day of the century (3/14/15) with them all at Seward Co-op.

PyLadies on Pi Day of the Century Photo by Dana

In March, we branched out a little when Jackie started RLadies. We decided to jointly call ourselves PyRUs, and host joint events at the PybRary- our library, coworking, and meeting space. There are several of us who work with data and are interested in both Python and R, so it seemed to make sense.